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Oils and butters do not contain water, ever. These ingredients are must-haves when moisturizing is the goal and can themselves seal your skin so it retains water but they cannot provide hydration themselves as they are anhydrous ingredients.

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Coconut oil, like the kind you're buying at the grocery store, has a high comedogenic rating meaning its one of the oils that can clog your pores the most. That's the reason why you won't find it in any of the UnTamed facial products. If you've used it and it worked for you, awesome but overall this shouldn't be a go to for your complexion, especially if you have oily or acne prone skin. It traps everything in the pores including excess oil, eeww right? 

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Do you guys remember when oil free was the way to be? Every product that was pushed on us told us oil was evil. These products then harshly removed it from our skin but then, why, oh why were we still so OILY!!! Your skin naturally produces oil, for some more than others. In either case, the correct way to go about it is not to strip your skin of its natural oil or drown it in synthetic products but rather to help you naturally balance your own oil production. Here is how: 1) If you have oily skin, stripping your...

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